The Pickle King

Bea lives in the nowhere town of Elbow, where it rains so much the residents have green mold growing between their toes. Nothing ever happens in Elbow. Its closest claim to fame is a giant pickle factory, owned by Herman, the Pickle King. Herman’s a small-time big shot, a local celebrity…until he turns up dead. And when Bea and Sam stumble across the body–minus one eyeball–in the water-logged basement of a creepy old house, suddenly THEY’RE ones in a pickle! With a mystery to solve, maybe this summer won’t be such a bore after all….


‘…spine-chilling…intensely visual…’ BOOKS FOR KEEPS

‘a fantastic oddball story. I’d recommend it to any child from ten upwards with a thirst for adventure and a love for all things weird and wonderful.’ WATERSTONES BOOKS QUARTERLY

‘Written with obvious relish and a distinctive individual voice, The Pickle King is an unusual blend of genuine humour and horror, with more than a dash of the truly disgusting.. I’m eager to see what Rebecca Promitzer serves up next.’  PHILIP ARDAGH

‘A fast-paced, entertaining debut with well-drawn characters from Rebecca Promitzer, who looks like an author to watch. THE OBSERVER.

“A hugely entertaining adventure story tinged with enough horror to delight but not really to terrify…A tremendous debut.” JULIA ECCLESHARE.