When I was a kid

….I picked a lot of things up (weird things I wanted to keep in jars like bumble bees and birds skulls) and other people’s feelings too. It was bit like I was an opaque jar. A strange mix of the things that were going on around me and of the all people in my life…my family, the friends who came and went and the beautifully curious people I would meet or observe…artists, hobos, gravediggers and yet I was also always very certain of who I am inside- of my soul you could say.

When I was two years old and living in the countryside in Austria, where I was born. I got up before dawn one day and disappeared. My parents looked for me everywhere. Finally, my father found me, sitting on a bench, happy and completely naked, sharing the gravedigger’s breakfast. I’d love to be able to recall our conversation. Maybe on some level I do. I think he whispered to me of some of the mysteries of life and the afterlife…

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